There’s an App for WAvNA! Introducing WAvNA VoteLocal

WAvNA VoteLocal App
WAvNA VoteLocal

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In the interest of advocating for our community and increasing engagement with more residents and our City’s Commission and staff, residents have suggested WAvNA develop plans to increase voter registration and voter turnout as well as invite candidates to meetings for a Q&A with residents.

To facilitate this we created our very own App! WAvNA VoteLocal. The app is a work in progress and will evolve with your advice. There’s a form on the app for you to send questions, suggestions or to volunteer. We want to hear from you.

Click on the banner above or got to  to download the free app from Google Play or to have a Web-based version for your Apple devices.  Apple is experiencing technical issues so the actual app won’t be available from Apple for about two weeks.

We have taken steps in other areas as well but first you should all know that WAvNA does not endorse candidates. Members may have his or own preferences but as an organization we will always be neutral. It is not in the interest of our community for WAvNA to take sides. However, WAvNA can provide information, identify issues and create forums and platforms for residents to advocate for the community.

We firmly believe in diversity, it is what makes our neighborhood great. We are diverse in race, religion, economics, ethnicity, educational attainment, age, political points of view, employment and sexual identity. Diversity means, too, that WAvNA represents renters and property owners alike. As Americans we are very lucky that our Constitution does not require a person to own property in order to take part in our Democracy.

Steps we have taken to raise help increase our engagement are:

  • We contacted a non-partisan voter registration and education organization, League of Women Voters, to help organize voter registration drives.
  • We are considering the best forum for candidates and residents to interact prior to the election. We want to be fair to the candidates and residents.
  • Asking for ideas from residents and others for fun ways to increase voter registration and voter turnout.
  • Recruiting volunteers to help with all these efforts. You can fill out the form here. The more the merrier and the more the better for our community.
WAvNA VoteLocal

Powered by Conduit Mobile

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