PETITION: No Alcohol License for Bikini Hostel

Petition Against Bikini Hostel Liquor License

Trash on the Sidewalk in Front of the Bikini Hostel at 3;30am Jan. 5, 2013

Trash on the Sidewalk in Front of the Bikini Hostel at 3;30am Jan. 5, 2013

UPDATE, March 18, 2013:  The responses about the hostel have been overwhelmingly negative and they have been shared with City staff.  Over fifty people signed the petition.  You can still sign the petition and add your comments. The more we know about the issues there, the more we can fight to protect our community.  However, we have found out the hostel got its liquor license. A hearing was not required because of the size of the establishment.

Also, if there are problems, please, call Code Compliance at (305) 673-7555 . This number is good 24/7. It is important to call even if you think it won’t make a difference. It DOES make a difference.

After calling:

1) take down the complaint number;

2) keep records; and

3) Send an email to WAvNA with all the details to

Scroll down to sign the petition. You can click HERE to read what your neighbors have said.

January 6, 2013: Many residents who live near the Bikini Hostel have complained about the hostel as being a nuisance: noise, lack of privacy screening for activity at the hostel, unattractive building and surroundings, litter, poor upkeep of the property and an incompatible use in comparison to the surrounding residential community.

Further, residents have come to understand the hostel is operating against current ordinances for the area; the owners have joined three properties, all owned by three different deed holders, to operate as one hostel.. The zoning in the area says only two lots can be combined to operate as a hotel. We believe three different owners can not run the property as one business.

Now we have learned that the hostel owners are seeking to get a license to serve alcohol. The undersigned oppose the liquor license since we believe it will only make the problems at the hostel worse. Please, see the following signatures against the proposed liquor license.


11 thoughts on “PETITION: No Alcohol License for Bikini Hostel

  1. I live at 1228 avenue. I am constantly being kept awake at night by loud people at the bikini hostel. It is a continuous nuisance. I cannot imagine how bad it will be if they acquire a liquor license. This is a residential neighborhood on west avenue, NOT ocean drive!!!!

  2. Hotels and Hostels on West Ave is not the sort of development meant for this neighborhood. It is the opposite of what we strive to create in the West Ave Corridor.

    Who will lead the city to overhaul the zoning code, which is so desperately needed?

    The landscape of our quaint island paradise is rapidly changing. Recently, we see billion dollar hedge fund investors purchasing multiple city blocks.

    Concerned citizens and homeowner associations want our city officials to act now and create appropriate development in our neighborhoods.

    Gayle Durham, 1455 West Ave

  3. Kathie Srur, 9 Island Ave – a liquor license here would be a big detriment to this lovely residential part of SoBe. Please don’t allow this to happen!

  4. Let the people pursue their business in peace. They aren’t harming anyone and it may be time to consider moving to a different neighborhood if you don’t like the way the neighborhood is evolving.

  5. Residents near the hostel listening to the noise and other nuisances would beg to differ about your assessment of the hostel. Further, many of them could ask you the same question? Why don’t they leave and move elsewhere? The neighborhood has evolved and continues to evolve into a highly residential neighborhood. There are 10K of us here and one hostel. Which way should we weigh the scale?

  6. I am the President of the 1245 West Ave Condo Association. We are the building right next door to the Bikini Hostel. In addition to the noise violations, open drinking on the premises, and open door parties, the female residents of our building, many mothers with children are being harassed with catcalls from drunk and rowdy guests, making our residents fearful of what time they come home. We have called the police repeatedly. Is there a remedy in sight to this???

  7. It is clear that the City of Miami Beach turns a blind eye to the extreme and blatant violations of city ordinances by the tourist industry in the city. Ordinances meant to protect our quality of life. We need to work together, diligently and aggressively, demanding that these establishments that are already here, follow the rules. If Bikini Hoste is operating in a way which is not in line with city code, it should be closed. And certainly they should not have a liquor license.

    To say that residents should move when a commercial establishment like this comes to the neighborhood is outrageous and the writer clearly does not live here, not in our neighborhood. But I’m sure if someone comes and creates a nightly noise disturbance next to his home, he would want it closed and wouldn’t thin about leaving.

    The tourist industry spends enormous amounts on lobbyists. We can’t or won’t match that, but we are 10,000 people! Our community can become a force of change here. Only 7,000 voters turned out in 2011 in all of Miami Beach. If there are only 2,000 voters in our community, we can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the elections in Miami Beach.

    We must speak up and demand that the city begin to enforce the regulations that are meant to protect our quality of life. There are more and more concessions made that have a negative effect on our community. There is a complete double standard. It is easier to build a hotel in the middle of a residential neighborhood than it is to renovate a bathroom in a condo.

    I have lived next door to the Mondrian Hotel since the beginning of the construction. My quality of life has dramatically deteriorated. They broke every possible rule during the construction – from doing the work outside of hours to not having permits and receiving stop work orders. Now I don’t keep my windows open and I don’t use my balcony. The noise from the idling buses is quite unpleasant as well as illegal.

    In exchange for the many, MANY concessions The Mondrian received, they signed an agreement with the city in which they promised to build a waterfront promenade and street end park on 10th St . WE GOT NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF NOISY, DRUNK HOTEL PATRONS, LOTS OF DELIVERY TRUCKS BLOCKING THE TRAFFIC AND SO MUCH MORE. The construction of the promenade was supposed to be well underway in order for them to receive their Certificate of Use. They never even made an attempt to get the permits for the promenade. Yet they were granted their Certificate of Use. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? HOW DID THEY GET AWAY WITH IT?

    This is the same developer who is proposing the project at 6th & Alton. The residents should not believe anything that they say now. They will tell you that the restaurants on West Ave. will stay open until 12 midnight, but then somehow our biased city administration will grant them the right to stay open unti 2 AM.

    Their traffic study shows there will be no negative impact on our community. That is a minimum of 600 new residents and untold number of commercial patrons in cars, not to mention the delivery trucks. Has anyone in the Planning Department tried to get onto the MacArthur Causeway from West Ave? You already can wait for 10 minutes. Imagine hundreds more cars trying to do that! We already have bumper to bumper traffic on West Ave and Alton Rd when there is a special event or a problem on one of the causeways. This study is not worth the paper it was written on. The traffic is about to get worse. Much worse.

    Our community can make a difference. We live in an amazing place. Great architecture. Awesome weather and beautiful beaches. Don’t let it be ruined by the greed of these developers.


  8. Bay road and 20th street has been forgotten! These zoning reforms need to extend into this neighborhood as well. Liquor stores that serve beer by the bottle next to an outdoor sidewalk bar late into the night! Loud intoxicated unruly partons during the weeknight and weekends is definitely a quality of life issue for the residents. Isnt there a law about open containers within 100 feet of a liquor store??? Not here on 20th street apparently. A valet booth that completely blocks traffic and causes chaos with honking horns from the backed up vehicles. NO ONE CARES! Could code enforcement help? NO! They have consistently marked almost ALL valid noise complaints as INVALID?! INVALID?! On 20th street, drinking in front of the liquor store, shouting, honking horns, loud unruly partons…ISNT NOISE? are you serious? Lets not forget the 6am garbage trucks that dump bins of empty glass bottles as the truck sits idle..guess what else, ITS NOT NOISE either. Us residents must be confused idiots because it sure does sound like NOISE to me!

  9. You need to get organized. We have code compliance attending our March 28th meeting at the Botanical Gardens starting at 6pm. Please, come to the meeting. You are in another neighborhood but the issues are the same all over. Invalid is the word that the City uses to discount the needs of residents. They think because we live in South Beach our quality of life is expendable.

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