Public Works Advisory

West Avenue Water Main Break Updates

4:15pm, December 28

From Public Works Department

Water back On at 4:15pm.

Major limerock backfilling and compaction followed with  pavement rolling / compaction.
Looking at Full completion and opening the Intersection at 10:00pm.

Once again, many Thanks to Police Officers ( shifts) at 10th and 11th Street / West Avenue during the day.

9:00am, December 28

From the Public Works Department

Water Main breat at 10th Street / West Avenue

Water main break reported last night at 10:45pm…

Water crews including water meter staff called-in arriving at the site 11:30pm…

Underground private locates were called-in and marked at 12:30am…

Water notices issued to residential / businesses and completed at 2:00am.

Vacuum truck staff called-in at 2:30am to assist with cleaning the water valve key.

Water valves closed at 4:00am

Difficult to break ground as the asphalt is 16 inches thick.

Backhoe hammer broke due to thickness of the asphalt.

At this present time, saw cutting the asphalt in order to break the asphalt with the backhoe.

Excavating will be a challenge task due to numerous private utilities.

Ground water extremely high.

There could be damages to the storm drainage culvert or the 24 inch storm water pipe.

Staff remains onsite trying to reach the 8 inch water main

Customers out of water;

1035 West Avenue (condo.) -65

1000 West Avenue (condo.)-435

959 West Avenue (parking garage/restaurants/shops) – 18

1240 (apts.) – 14

8:30am, December 28

Public Works Water Main Break Notice
Public Works Water Main Break Notice

Early Word is that a water main break at 10th Street and West Avenue is the reason for water pressure problems, including the complete shut off of water flow at some locations, impacting residences and businesses along West Avenue.

Hang tags found on store fronts advised that as a precaution, water to be used for drinking for cooking should first be boiled for one minute to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

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